Life is Truly Magical

You know what I think is really awesome?  Water.  The next time you pour yourself a glass of cool refreshing water think about this:  Water is made up of two combustible gas elements – Hydrogen and Oxygen – and yet water is what we use to put out fires.  This is because when the two elements combine to make water they lose themselves in each other – it’s like falling in love – and water is the offspring created by their union!

Another really awesome substance is Salt.  Salt is made up of Sodium and Chlorine.  One is a metal and the other is a toxic gas, yet when they “fall in love” they produce something edible and tasty!

I use Water and Salt in these examples because they are both things that I really love and use a lot of.  But when you really stop to think about it and look around at all of the things that we come into contact with on a daily basis you will be filled with awe and wonder at the miracle of the world around us.  Think of a tree:  It starts out as a little seed, add some dirt, some water and some sunshine and before you know it you have a big mass of woody matter!  Where did all the wood, bark and leaves come from?  It’s like a miracle!  Can you imagine a recipe like that – where you end up with way more “stuff” than you started out with?  When you make a cake and mix all of the ingredients into a bowl and then bake it, you pretty much end up with the same amount of cake as the batter you started out with (sure, it may rise some, but not much and that is just air anyway).  But take a tree, or a human being even, and you see that you get a lot more than what you started with – just add some sun, water & dirt in the case of the tree; or some food in the case of the human being.  Wow!

Take some time to look around you and see how amazing and wonderful and Truly Magical Life really is!


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