A Totally Awesome Idea

I was sitting in my car yesterday at the McDonald’s drive-thru (yeah, I know I’m trying to lose weight – but I was hungry!) and the car in front of me had a license plate that said “Historical” at the bottom. Now I have seen license plates that said “Antique” for an old car, but never “Historical” – add to that the fact that the car was not an old car at all, and my curiosity was piqued. That got me to thinking…

Wouldn’t it be cool if every vehicle owner was required by law to display their cellphone number on the rear of their car?! That way I could have just dialed the woman’s number and asked her “what the hell does the “Historical” on your license plate mean?”

Think about it, you’re driving along and you see someone with a wobbly tire. You could just call them and warn them of this danger. Or you could let the soccer mom in the minivan in front of you know that at least 5 of her kids have escaped from their seatbelts. Or find out just what that bumper sticker that you can’t quite read says. Road rage could be carried out in a less violent and more technologically advanced manner. And, you wouldn’t have to try to pull up next to that cute blond and try to get her phone number – YOU ALREADY HAVE IT – and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you called her up right there on the spot to see if she would like to go out with you sometime.

The possibilities are endless! Call your state representatives today and tell them you would like to see this law passed in your state during the next legislative session.  I’m sure it will pass without any controversy!


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