Marc Bolan Tribute with Guitar Tabs

Scroll down to view my huge collection of Bolan/T.Rex guitar tabs/chords/lyrics (not alphabetized – sorry!)

I have been a Marc Bolan / T.Rex fan since the early 1980’s. I discovered the wonders of Marc’s wonderful music and poetry in a very strange way: I was a huge AC/DC fan at the time and was in the habit of acquiring every magazine with the slightest mention of AC/DC in it. One day I was reading an issue of Cream Magazine and came across a blurb stating that anyone who enjoyed AC/DC (in particular Bon Scott – my fav!) would probably like listening to T.Rex also. I hopped on the bus and headed to my favorite record store, Sound Odyssey, which was located on Frankford Avenue in Philly. The only T.Rex album they had at the time was The Slider and I bought it and brought it home.

I stuck the record on my turntable expecting the loud, raunchy rock of AC/DC to hit me. It was nothing of the sort. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before and I was immediately hooked. I still don’t have any idea why Cream magazine would liken T.Rex to AC/DC, but I’m glad they did or I might never have had the fortune of discovering what immediately became my favorite music.

I soon discovered another record store in Philadelphia that was to become my favorite place: The Record Cellar on Bustleton Avenue. I squirreled away my earnings from working at Dunkin Donuts and became a regular visitor at this awesome used record store. I went on to purchase every single album ever put out by T.Rex, their earlier incarnation of Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Marc Bolan.

Because of Marc’s love of a certain book called The Lord of The Rings, which I had not heard of previously, I was soon introduced to a world of magical Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and other creatures and became a regular visitor to Middle Earth. I can’t thank Marc enough for his music, poetry and personality and the influence he has had on my life both musically and spiritually.

This section of my website is my very small way of paying tribute to him and his creations.

14 thoughts on “Marc Bolan Tribute with Guitar Tabs

  1. lynn

    Love him! Always have, since 14 now 59 yr old female!!! So sad for his family, son, June and mom, dad and brother. The loss of a lived one is hard!

  2. Gary

    Fell in love with Marc from the very first record i Heard on the Radio which was Seal of Seasons, after that i bought every record from Johns Children to Tyrannosaurus Rex to T.Rex. God Bless Marc, and Thank you for your Time Here xxx

  3. Adam

    A collection of tabs and chords that let’s people like me jam some groovy T-Rex is an awesome tribute to Bolan. Thanks very much for all this. Peace&Love x

    P.s. Any chance of “Seagull Woman”?

  4. Thanks ever so much for all the work put into this listing of Marc’s stuff. So many of those older ones are personal favorites, and I never took the time to try and transcribe them myself. Finding this was epic for me, as I’ve played guitar and sung, intermittently, since I was a kid (around the Telegram Sam time). I totally agree with Adam (above), what a wonderful tribute to Marc. Again, thanks.

  5. Malenka2000

    Hi there, I agree with EVERYONE who’s commented before myself. We all have a Marc/T.Rex story to tell and he filled so much of my younger life that if I start reminiscing now, I’ll have to start my own blog! Strange though, I’m 58 and recently I’ve thought about him every day about one memory or other! Sorry for rambling but YOU have added a great deal to MY Marc world! Can’t thank you enough. X ( Any chance of “Lady” being transcribed! LOL)

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