Let’s Catch Up

So, I haven’t really been here for quite some time. I did, briefly, post my intention to get back to blogging a little over a month ago but now I feel the desire to explain where I’ve been and what’s been going on in my life. It’s funny, I used to feel that this blog was insincere and that I didn’t really post anything meaningful or deep – that my life itself lacked real depth and authenticity.  I think I was right about that. Things have changed. I have changed. The past few years have really put me through the fire.

My relationship of over 20 years ended shockingly and painfully as I was introduced to the true face of my “life partner” who, it turns out, is a malignant narcissist – a term and a personality disorder that I never even knew existed until I began seeking answers and explanations for the inexplicable.

I lost my home and family and, through an unhappy coincidence, my extended family as well. A few months later I lost my job. I lost interest in all of the things that had previously held any importance to me and my health has suffered considerably.

I am in the midst of making a spectacular comeback and am happier than I have been in a very long time. I am also a changed person. A deeper and more experienced person. I hope to bring this depth and experience to my blog and hope to help others that may be experiencing similar issues (to put it mildly) as those I have experienced and am still going through at present. Of course, I am also still going to keep adding to my Marc Bolan tribute and posting all kinds of random stuff as I did previously as my way of showing gratitude for the fact that I am now able to enjoy my life and the world again.  I hope you will join me!

Wow, The Times They Have-a Changed

I haven’t posted anything here for a very long time. Wow. Things sure have changed, both in the world and in my own life. I feel like I’m really starting this blog over again from scratch. I will leave all the old stuff, though, even though quite a bit of material that I linked to way back then is gone now. Time is like water, flowing and eroding and shaping everything in its path. And deleting YouTube videos and websites apparently. I will try to go through my old posts and remove some of the ones that are mere links to now non-existent stuff.

WordPress has changed a lot too – for the better, in my opinion. I really like the new post editor and settings page. It’s a lot easier to use than I remember. I hope to be posting a few times a week now and get back to what I used to love doing and to the WordPress community that I used to love being a part of. I’m really glad to see that two of my favorite fellow bloggers are still around – Matt over at The Left Hand of Ehud and Paul at Return to the 80s. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check them out.


Newest Upload to SoundCloud

As most of you know, I am an amateur/hobby musician trying to improve and learn more about playing and recording every day. Below is my latest upload to SoundCloud. It’s a short acoustic piece played on my classical nylon-stringed guitar (2 or 3 separate tracks, I think.) I recorded it awhile ago and just came across it. I think it’s kinda pretty and I hope you like it too!

It’s Been Awhile

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted to my blog. I’m always waiting for something “really important” to post or putting it off until the next day – which, as any procrastinator will tell you, never arrives. I apologize to my subscribers.

As I sit here waiting for news of Hurricane Sandy which seems destined to make a sharp left-hand turn right for my little home, I am filled with a sense of purpose:  I am vowing to myself and my readers to make more frequent posts. My blog really means a lot more to me than just a hobby to be engaged in only when it’s convenient. This blog is my way of keeping in touch with the wide world; it’s my chance to sharpen my writing skills; and my way of sharing myself and my thoughts and ideas and music with others. It doesn’t have to be pretty it just has to be me. Somehow, I am constantly forgetting this truth.

So, if and when I survive the approaching storm, look for a more serious effort on my part to keep up with my blog. Again…many apologies for my frequent neglect and I send wishes for safety and protection to all of you sharing the threat of this storm with me.