Another Guitar? You Can Never Have Too Many!

Here’s a picture of my newest guitar: An Ephiphone Les Paul Tribute. Nicest guitar I ever played and WAY cheaper than a “real” Les Paul. Move over Jimmy Page! :))

My First “Album”

Below are all of the songs on my first “album.” I say “album” in quotes because I am really just starting off with the digital recording/mixing/mastering stuff and am therefore still in my experimental phase. These 10 tracks are the product of that experimenting and (I think) good enough to be given a listen. Let me know if you enjoy them or not and any tips that you more experienced masters might have to improve my work. Thanks and enjoy.

    Beached Blue Baby

    Rare Layers of Joy

    Let it Ride

    Dancing Delhi Digits

    Hypnotic Suggestion


    Hypnotic Suggestion Part 2

    Day At The Improv

    Downtown Stroll

    Haunted House Ambience

My First Recording Using My Korg X50

This is the very first recording I made after I got my Korg X50 Keyboard. I used Cakewalk Sonar 7.0 Producer software for recording and mixing and also Dimension Pro soft-synth software for some sound effects. I think it’s kinda pretty and relaxing. Please take a listen by clicking on the link below and let me know what you think. Thanks! “M”

If you even “kinda” like this, then check out my entire first “album”.

My First Full Length Recording

Now, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not very good at coming up with song titles so I haven’t really named any of my songs so far. In part, this is due to a lack of creativity and also due to the fact that up until now I have mostly been playing around with recording and haven’t actually sat down and “wrote” a song. I plan on becoming more disciplined and focused in the future and will be creating and recording actual songs. But, for now, I would still like to share some of the recordings I have made because I think they’re pretty good and because they illustrate the potential that exists in home digital recording – even for the recreational musician.

This next recording was made using the Cakewalk Sonar software, the Dimension Pro software and the Korg X50 keyboard/synthesizer. In addition, I also used my Roland Handsonic electronic drums synthesizer (which is the coolest thing I have ever had the joy to play and will be posting about it shortly) and my Fender Strat (which I will also be posting about later). I recorded most of the tracks on my Boss BR864 digital multitrack recorder and then transfered them to my computer where I added a Dimension Pro synth track and mixed everything with the Sonar program. I used the same backing track from the Korg that I used in the first song, as you will probably recognize. Hope you like it!