The One or The Many

The One or The Many. The debate has raged for eons in philosophical and religious circles – and even in movies. Today, I was once again faced with the question myself:  Should I continue to post about MANY topics on my blog, or should I narrow it down to ONE topic? Or, posed another way:  Should I continue to have only ONE blog, or should I separate my topics out onto MANY blogs?

Today, I actually purchased two more domain names and pulled my Naked On a Strange Planet blog off of in order to host it myself so that I could “redirect” some of my posts to my new domains.  I spent a good part of my day copying, pasting, and redirecting; as well as selecting new themes, plugins, etc. for my many blogs. When 5:00 pm rolled around and I realized that I had spent my entire day on this insane task, I said, “STOP! What are you doing and why?”

  • Do I really care how large my readership is? No, it’s the quality of the interactions that I have with people on my blog, and not the number of readers that I have that brings joy to my life.
  • Do I really think that I’m ever going to make tons of money from affiliate advertisements on my blog(s)? No, not really. Besides, we all know that’s not what it’s about, right? It’s about being able to express yourself and share your thoughts, interests, etc., with the wider world out there.  I know for a fact that I will make more money actually working than I will ever earn by spending hours tending to MANY blogs instead of ONE.
  • Do I really suppose that if one of my readers has no interest in a particular blog post that they will unsubscribe from my blog? I would hope not. Just delete the email and don’t read the post – knowing that the next one will be right up your alley. Or…try something new and different on for size, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Finally, I decided that I had simply succumbed to a case of temporary insanity brought on by the ever-present, evil desire for MORE, MORE, MORE. More domains. More blogs. More readers. More search engine hits. More obligations. More time spent. More money spent. More aggravation, headaches, and…. You get the picture.

So, it is after much wasted time and effort, that I have finally decided to have it both ways:  I will continue to have ONE blog with MANY topics.



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