Newest Upload to SoundCloud

As most of you know, I am an amateur/hobby musician trying to improve and learn more about playing and recording every day. Below is my latest upload to SoundCloud. It’s a short acoustic piece played on my classical nylon-stringed guitar (2 or 3 separate tracks, I think.) I recorded it awhile ago and just came across it. I think it’s kinda pretty and I hope you like it too!


Observer Drift on SoundCloud

Just checked this artist out on SoundCloud. I really like their stuff – below is my favorite piece so far, called Backwards:

I like this stuff so much, I would buy an album if they released one. And, maybe they have…I’ll have to check it out.

If you like this song, check out more from Observer Drift on SoundCloud.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Observer Drift has indeed released an album for MP3 download, check it out on Amazon, it’s called Corridors and has 13 songs on it. I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but what I have heard so far is great. Corridors includes the song Backwards which you can check out above. Enjoy!

Memory of The Ferrofluids by Red Fog

Check out this really interesting piece called Memory of The Ferrofluids by Red Fog. I found this on SoundCloud the other day and have listened to it a few times. This piece is best listened to with the lights out. It has a really heavy, claustrophobic kind of sound that almost makes you feel like you’re drowning.  If you can bring yourself to surrender to this feeling it can bring you to a somewhat altered state of consciousness. It’s kind of like being in an isolation tank but with sound effects. Give it a listen and let me know what you think of it.