Can’t Buy Me Love

Please pardon me for waxing sarcastic and cynical, but we’re all allowed a little bit, aren’t we? You may want to prepare yourself for even more in the future…

Money can’t buy me love. Why not? It can buy me anything else I want. What’s so fucking special about love? Here’s some money…now love me dammit!  It turns out that even love can’t buy me love.  It doesn’t matter how much you give away, you still come up empty on the returns at the end of the day.

Oh well, fuck it. I don’t care anymore anyway. Who wants love anyway?  How many times am I going to use “anyway” in this paragraph? I don’t know. Anyway…

Gimme a cigarette.

Now, there’s love for you.

But, once again, only on my part.

I love my cigarettes, but they don’t really love me.

They just pretend.

But, really, they secretly want to kill me. I know this. And yet I continue to spend time with them.

That’s real love for you.

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