Doc Daneeka is Dead

One of my favorite books is Catch-22by Joseph Heller. In the book, the military insists that one of the characters, Doc Daneeka, is dead simply because his name was on the flight roster of an airplane that crashed, despite the fact that Doc Daneeka, himself, was standing right there insisting that he was not dead. But government paperwork does not lie, does it? Unless the government says it’s true, it’s not true.

Case in point – my local newspaper has a story titled: “Possible Tornado Strikes OC” – they have photos, video and dozens of eyewitnesses, but the tornado is still listed as “possible” because they are waiting for the government to tell them if there really was one or not. How pathetic have we all become? This just goes to show in a very obvious way how dependent we have all become on government and government agencies to the point of no longer trusting or believing our own eyes, ears or intuition.

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