Why Should I Worry?

Okay, I just watched a National Geographic documentary today about asteroids. Basically, the story is that there are tons of asteroids flying around out there all the time. A big one could hit without warning and wipe out all life on Earth in an instant; or a much smaller one could hit me in the head at 1 zillion miles per hour while I’m outside smoking a cigarette – so much for SMOKING being bad for you!

Now I have a tendency to worry about a lot of things:

  1. Do I have Cancer?
  2. Will I get Cancer?
  3. Will I get shot in a drive-by?
  4. Will I get killed out driving on the highway?
  5. Heart disease?
  6. Galloping Gangrene?
  7. Etc.
  8. Etc.
  9. Etc.

Sometimes my worrying goes so far as to keep me cooped up in my house for days at a time for fear of the dangers awaiting “out there.” Well, guess what? I could be sitting here at my computer, with all my locks locked, all my vitamins & enzymes, pure-filtered-water, nicotine patch and air purifier and CRASH!!! – an asteroid crushes me to death, house and all. So why should I worry about anything else? Really?

I am going to, at some later date, post an article on like, 1001 ways to die, or something like that. So if anyone has any suggestions or anything to add to that let me know.

Remember, IT’S OUT THERE, AND IT WILL GET YOU ONE DAY NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO – so you might as well relax and live a little.

See: This Poem to put Your Life Into Perspective

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