Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

…or something like that. What I mean is this: I was thinking today about people who are passionate about something. Let’s take a sports fan – we’ll narrow it down to a Phillies Fan. They really love their team and take time out to watch every game, maybe even travel to see some away games. They eat, drink and breathe the Phillies. It’s what they talk about, it’s what they think about, it’s what they spend their time and money on. When this person goes to work every day they aren’t totally wrapped up in “making a living” – they are thinking “oh good, I just earned $100.00, now I can go to New York this weekend to see the Phils play.” Their life has meaning and purpose. They work and earn money to be able to pursue that meaning and purpose.

On the other hand, let’s look at a person who has no passion in life. This person’s life is ALL about survival. They just go to work to “earn a living” and “pay the bills”, not to pursue a dream. It’s kind of like being on life support. They go to work to earn money so that they can live another day to go to work to earn money so that they…etc., ad nauseum. It’s a terrible cycle to be trapped in, it’s like running in a hamster wheel. This is how I feel right now at this point in my life. I am consumed with thoughts of “how am I going to make a living” when I should really be consumed with thoughts of “why should I make a living – what is my life FOR?”

Life is so short. Life is a gift. It’s not something to be kept safely hidden away in a closet in order to avoid losing it. What good is it to be alive if you do nothing with it? Sometimes I like to think of life as “a day in an amusement park.” You get dropped off in the park and are given 10 hours to go play and ride the rides and eat the food and listen to the bands play, etc. If you stand around at the park entrance all day long fretting about the fact that you only have 10 hours in the park and how to best spend that 10 hours and how to avoid getting ripped off while you’re there, you will never get to play or enjoy the park and you’ll have to leave when the 10 hours are up just the same as if you had, joyfully and with reckless abandon, taken advantage of everything the amusement park had to offer.

Let’s go out and live a little!

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