Mixed-Up Motivations

Not only am I a Total Loser, but I am also overweight and out of shape. I am also very disorganized. In order to actually get things done and try to keep up with my responsibilities, I will occasionally resort to the use of “To-Do Lists”. On these “To-Do Lists” I write down all of the vitally important stuff that really needs to be taken care of, and having the list and checking stuff off of the list once I’ve completed the job really helps to motivate me and keep me focused on what’s REALLY important.

Featured prominently on my “To-Do List” this week: “Cancel Gym Membership.”

Like most other things on my “To-Do List”, this item has been copied from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., as the week slides on by with me not doing anything on the list and putting it all off for the next day, and the next day…But there it remains at the top of the list.

I need to keep on top of this. It’s VERY important. I am working at motivating myself to carry out this task.

What’s wrong with this picture? Remember, I said that I am overweight and out of shape. I should be writing “GO TO THE GYM” on the very top of my “To-Do List”! I should be working hard at motivating myself to GO TO THE GYM!! But, instead, I concentrate on “CANCEL GYM MEMBERSHIP.” Why? Because it’s expensive and I don’t go. Times are tough and it’s becoming harder and harder to afford life’s necessities. In other words, I can’t really afford to go to the gym AND buy cigarettes. One of them has got to go.

I wonder if I continue putting off “Cancel Gym Membership” the same way I have put off going to the gym if I will eventually GIVE UP on canceling my membership the way I so quickly and easily gave up on using my membership.

Time will tell.


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