Think Small

Days, hours, minutes – they are the building blocks of your entire life. Don’t let them slip by out of your consciousness. We tend to think BIG – years & stages, for example. When I retire I will… I will lose 50 lbs. during the next year…

In doing so, we lose the days, hours & minutes that REALLY make up our lives. In addition, thinking small really helps you to accomplish your long-term goals. I will not eat any junk food today… I will not smoke a cigarette this hour… I will save $1 today towards my retirement. Small chunks are a lot easier to deal with than large ones. I can feel good and confident about not eating any ice cream TODAY, but if I think about not eating any ice cream ALL YEAR, I groan under the pressure and quickly give up. This is the whole idea behind the AA One Day at a Time mantra.

Try it. Practice paying attention to the little things and the big things will automatically be taken care of.