My New Life Plan

In the past, I would often sit down and start a list of new things I was going to start doing and behaviors I was going to change. The list would look something like this:

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Exercise more
  3. Take vitamins
  4. Quit smoking…

Today, I sat down with the pen and notebook to begin yet another list, having failed to comply with all of the previous plans. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I have been going about this in the wrong way and focusing on the wrong things. My old lists were really all about what I didn’t like about my life and what I wanted to change. Although written in a “positive” format of doing “positive” things, my lists and plans were really all focused on the “negative.”

Therefore, I have created a new list. Maybe my LAST list. I am going to focus on the “positive” this time and, in time, I’m sure that all of the things I wished to accomplish through my previous “life changes” will come about very naturally as a result. I am embracing my life and loving myself instead of trying to change my life and myself. I hope you too will find it thought-provoking and inspirational.

New Life Plan

  1. Worry about money less.
  2. Listen to more music.
  3. Read more books.
  4. Complain less.
  5. Smile more.
  6. Dance!
  7. Laugh!
  8. Stop criticizing (myself included).
  9. Stop second-guessing myself.
  10. Feel and show GRATITUDE.
  11. Worry less about EVERYTHING.
  12. Enjoy and appreciate the wonderful Gift of Life.

Daily Meal Log 9/29/11

Today’s Meals







2 veggie burgers, cottage cheese, olives


Pepperoni slices.


3 pieces of “bargain” beef, big bowl of onions & peppers, a black plum


Pepperoni slices


Lots of water & one cup of coffee

I am going to stop eating the veggie burgers (after I finish what’s in the freezer) and maybe the cottage cheese (once I finish up what I have). Something gave me a little bit of heartburn after lunch yesterday and I think one or the other of those was the culprit. I have suffered from terrible, chronic heartburn for years but have not had ANY at all since starting my Paleo diet – until today. Also, I will never again buy or eat frozen onions & peppers – they were terrible – there is nothing like the fresh raw version!

I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now. Not very long, I know, but I have never felt better in my entire life. I have tons of energy, my brain fog and depression are gone, my allergies better, and (as I said above) I have not suffered any heartburn or digestive complaints. The Paleo Plan is fantastic! I have also gone down a size and lost 5 pounds. Thank you Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and especially, David from !

Starting My Version of The Paleo Diet

I started on my own version of the Paleo Diet yesterday. I call it “my” version, because I’m not 100% sure about what the “official” diet is yet, as I haven’t finished reading The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation: A step-by-step, gene reprogramming action plan by Mark Sisson, yet. What I’ve read and researched so far sounds really good, though. This sounds like the diet plan for me – one that I could follow for life and not just for a few months. It also sounds pretty healthy and goes with the idea of The Lost Diet that I talked about in a previous post.

So, basically, what I’m doing is this: I’m cutting out all the pastas, potatoes, starchy beans, cereals, chips, crackers, sweets and most dairy. I will be eating (mostly) lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, fruits, veggies, cottage cheese, yogurt & protein shakes. Honestly, after only two days of following this plan, I already feel better. I feel more energetic and less “heavy” feeling.

What I ate yesterday: No breakfast. I had broccoli-slaw, chicken breast, and a plum for lunch. For a late afternoon snack I had some pepperoni and a square of dark chocolate. Dinner consisted of some beef jerky and a pear.

What I ate today: No breakfast. I had a handful of walnuts & pecans as a mid-morning snack. For lunch, I had some more broccoli-slaw, dried beef, cottage cheese and an avocado. Once again, I had some pepperoni and a square of dark chocolate as a late afternoon snack. Dinner consisted of some more dried beef, avocado & cottage cheese with the addition of two plums and a few raspberries.

I drank lots of water and one cup of coffee on both of these days (which is typical for me, anyway.)

What makes these two days of healthy eating really special for me, is that my diet for the past several years has consisted mostly of the worst junk food you could imagine: McDonald’s burgers & fries, cheese steaks, pizza, fried chicken, potato chips, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, candy bars. Seriously. No wonder I feel so much better today.

I Think I’m Going to Try “The Lost Diet”

I’m pretty sure that I’m making this up myself here as I have not read this anywhere else, but if someone else has already “invented” this diet, then I apologize.

I have recently been catching up with the tv series Lost on Netflix because I stopped watching the show after the second season. As I’m watching the show I am checking out the natural island diet of the castaways: fruit, vegetables & fish, and thinking to myself, “wow, that sounds like a really healthy diet!”

So, I am going to try it out. I need to lose some weight and wouldn’t mind feeling a tad healthier and more energetic in the process. I’ll let you know how it works out. As a side point, I should also save a lot of money on this diet too.

WordPress Fruit Shake Theme

I just wanted to mention this: WordPress’ new Fruit Shake theme has made me very thirsty for some healthy and natural drinks. Just looking at the creamy colors and fruity headers has got my mouth a’watering for a cool fruit smoothie!

As a person who is trying to improve her health and her life, this is good news indeed. I’m going to go out and get me some blueberries, bananas, yogurt, soy milk and ice and make me a blender full of cold, creamy, healthy fruit goodness. Forget those chips and candy bars, I want a Fruit Shake!

Thanks WordPress!

Check out the WordPress Fruit Shake Theme for yourself

I Am Never Eating Processed Chicken Again

I just learned something new and totally disgusting today on Twitter. @TheAdriRam, posted a link to an article showing this grotesque pink ooze that looks like bubble gum or something worse being poured into a cardboard box. The accompanying article explained that this grotesque pink ooze is actually “mechanically separated chicken” which is used in all sorts of processed chicken products like nuggets, patties, etc. Ewww, gross!

I tweeted @TheAdriRam and asked him if this was, perhaps, a joke and not a fact. He replied regretfully informing me that it was in fact true. Yuck! I will never eat processed chicken again. Check out the picture and article yourself and let me know what you think.