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My Sacred Eternal by Atomic Honey

Published June 22, 2012 by Mary

Click the link below to check out the latest release from Atomic Honey…actually… it’s not really the latest release…I had the privilege of having been sent an advance preview of another song, which is very beautiful…but I’m not permitted to share – guess you’ll just have to wait for the album to be released sometime late this Fall! :) My Sacred Eternal by Atomic Honey.

Observer Drift on SoundCloud

Published May 4, 2012 by Mary

Just checked this artist out on SoundCloud. I really like their stuff – below is my favorite piece so far, called Backwards:

I like this stuff so much, I would buy an album if they released one. And, maybe they have…I’ll have to check it out.

If you like this song, check out more from Observer Drift on SoundCloud.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Observer Drift has indeed released an album for MP3 download, check it out on Amazon, it’s called Corridors and has 13 songs on it. I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but what I have heard so far is great. Corridors includes the song Backwards which you can check out above. Enjoy!

Eyes Closed Audio – Cuteness Ain’t Funny

Published November 6, 2011 by Mary

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted new music, but this one is worth waiting for. This is a song called Cuteness Ain’t Funny by Eyes Closed Audio. Check out their other music on Soundcloud if you like this one:


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