My Sacred Eternal by Atomic Honey

Click the link below to check out the latest release from Atomic Honey…actually… it’s not really the latest release…I had the privilege of having been sent an advance preview of another song, which is very beautiful…but I’m not permitted to share – guess you’ll just have to wait for the album to be released sometime late this Fall! 🙂 My Sacred Eternal by Atomic Honey.

Atomic Honey – Jupiter’s Shadow

Wow! Check out this new song by my friends in Atomic Honey. I love this song. Very catchy and somewhat “Lennon-esque”. Give it a listen and then check out more of their music over at Reverbnation!     Sorry..this link is deceased…will find out if it’s okay to upload the song to my site! In the meantime, check out Atomic Honey on Reverbation (and TwitMusic too!)





You can also buy their album coming out on March 21, 2012!