Weigh-In Month 3

Here is the report on my weight loss “program”:  Today marks the end of month #3 since I’ve started my Paleo Diet plan. I weighed in this morning on my Wii Fit board and have lost another 2.4 pounds since my last weigh-in one month ago. That is a total weight loss of 20.8 pounds in 3 months!

While it’s still good that I’m continuing to lose weight, the amount of weight loss per month has dropped off significantly. I’m not really sure why this is, but am pretty sure that I really need to start adding exercise into my program 😦  Being a pretty lazy person, this represents bad news for me since I wasn’t planning on adding in any real exercising for a couple of months yet. Oh well! I guess I’m going to have to get away from this desk and start walking, dancing, and/or weight training if I want the better weight loss numbers I was getting in the beginning of my “program.”

That aside, I’m still very pleased that my weight-loss is continuing and that I’m still finding it fairly easy to stay on my Paleo Diet plan.

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