Daily Meal Log 10/6/11

Today’s Meals







3 pieces of “bargain” beef, 2 black plums


2 squares of dark chocolate


Rotini w/ marinara sauce w/ green peppers, onions, ground white turkey & garlic. 1 piece of olive bread w/ butter. Salad of field greens, romaine, cucumbers, black olives


 1 pkg of Little Debbie Nutty Bars


Lots of water & one cup of coffee & glass of Merlot

Went off the plan big time today. I had a guest for dinner and made my “famous” pasta w/ marinara dinner. I wasn’t going to have any pasta or bread (just sauce) but then decided to indulge for the special occasion. I also had a glass of wine. Because I went so far off of my plan for dinner, I decided it would be a good day to also indulge in a snack – just get it all over with at once 🙂

I had some digestive complaints due to my going off of my primal diet plan – let that be a lesson to me!  Next time I have guests, I will plan better. A friend on Twitter had suggested a much healthier dinner but I chickened out in the end – afraid that I wouldn’t be able to cook the meal as well as my old standby that always comes out great. Live and learn.

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