Daily Meal Log 9/30/11

Today’s Meals



Protein shake w/ chocolate protein powder, fiber mix, flax seeds, green food powder, plain yogurt, coconut milk & frozen blueberries.




1 roast beef & 1 turkey roll-up minus the wrapper and cheese


Pepperoni slices.


4 pieces of baked flounder w/ mixed frozen veggies




Lots of water & one cup of coffee

Stopped by the bank today and they invited us in for a lunch they were putting on for their anniversary. It was just about all carb-based food (pasta salad, roll-ups, brownies, cookies, donuts, coleslaw). I had two roll-ups and simply removed the wrappers and the cheeses, making a healthy Paleo lunch (roast beef, turkey, greens & tomatoes). I also had a small scoop of coleslaw and dug two delicious Greek olives out of the pasta salad, and passed on everything else, of course. It proved to be not only a satisfying FREE meal, but was also a great lesson on how to adapt meals out to my Paleo eating plan.

My daughter made me some fish for dinner (it was delicious except for the entire stick of butter she used to bake the fish in – a bit TOO much butter!) I added a bowl of microwaved frozen mixed veggies to the meal to round out my day of eating.

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