Daily Meal Log 9/27/11

Today’s Meals



Protein shake w/ chocolate protein powder, fiber mix, flax seeds, plain yogurt, coconut milk & frozen blueberries.


A couple of slices of pepperoni.


Tuna salad w/ onions, peppers, celery, radishes, mayo & oregano. One avocado.




Several slices of lean deli turkey , pepperoni & small handful of almonds.


A brownie.


Lots of water & one cup of coffee

I had a brownie this evening (my daughter made them and I couldn’t say no) – it was the first real sweet I’ve had in just over a week now. I’m happy to report that it actually tasted TOO sweet for my “new” taste buds and has not set off any sugar cravings – in fact, quite the opposite. Promise to post weight & pics this week! Sorry for procrastinating!

One thought on “Daily Meal Log 9/27/11

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