Daily Meal Log 9/18/11

Today’s Meals





Beef jerky


Chicken salad w/ grilled chicken, field greens, onions, peppers, celery, carrots, raisins, cilantro, and olive oil dressing


1 square of dark chocolate, almonds


Chicken salad again


Protein shake w/ coconut milk, chocolate protein powder, plain yogurt & fiber mix


Lots of water & one cup of coffee

Did better today as far as eating enough food. Still had a slight headache and some muscle pain/weakness, so I looked it up online. Apparently there is something called “low carb flu” caused by your body detoxing from all of the refined sugars, etc. A couple of people noted that taking a Potassium supplement might help with that, so I took a Potassium pill and also some Milk Thistle for liver support and felt much better. Yeah!

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