Social Media is The New Punk Rock

Richard Darell, otherwise known as @Minervity on Twitter, sent out a tweet a couple of minutes ago linking to an article on As I often do, I clicked over and read the article which was talking about how to define social media – the conclusion being that social media could be summed up thusly: Social Media = Listen & Respond. “Okay,” I thought to myself, “sounds good.” As I looked down the page, I saw that a link to the following YouTube video was provided along with the article:

After watching the video, my lackadaisical “ok, sounds good” became an enthusiastic “Yes! That’s it!” Just as the Punk Rock movement stressed an independent DIY attitude and the idea that being heard was more important than the media or the message used, social media provides the ways and means for all of us to express ourselves and to be heard. Social media is NOT a marketing tool – it is a Social Movement. Listen and Respond.

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