Ellen DeGeneres in Breaking Dawn!

Ellen DeGeneres is one of my all time favorite funny people! Watch this video of Ellen’s “cameo” in the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn:


Hysterical Halloween Video

Sorry I’m posting this a day late – but I’m sure you’ll find it hysterical any time of year! Please enjoy this really funny Halloween video from my friend, Comedian Juan Pablo!

The Truth About 2012

2012 mayan calendar

Worse Than Hurricane Irene – Juan Pablo

This guy is really funny! Check out this video and/or go to YouTube and check out his YouTube channel: openlyjp (soon to be jpsketched) and watch his other clips. If you like it please pass it on! I’m always trying to support great talent here on Naked on a Strange Planet!

Laughing in The Face of Danger

Below is a picture taken in my local area (Delmarva Peninsula) after Hurricane Irene lumbered through:

Taping up your windows before a hurricane = Good Idea
Laughing in the face of Mother Nature = Probably a BAD Idea!

Natalie Portman Rapping on SNL

This is way too funny. Watch and LYAO!


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